Quotes From Virginia Rappe

Virginia Rappe Quotes

A lot has been said about Virginia over the years. Here she is in her own words ...

Her advice to women: "Don't be a stenographer. There are too many of them now. Don't be an office woman for the same reason. Don't stand in the waiting line for a $6 a week job that is demoralizing. Be original - every girl can be that."

On lounge lizards: "There isn't a girl of fair dancing ability who hasn't been forced to be civil to the insipid lounge lizard class that persists in haunting dance halls and country clubs. Personally I don't know why lounge lizards exist. Even the cootie, the fly, and the ant have a mission in life - but the lounge lizard - I can't explain it."

On being a jazz baby: "One of the boys whispered to me that a young girl onlooker was a  typical 'jazz-baby'. Told him I'd rather be the girl in gingham and peel potatoes."

Virginia Rappe

On peace: "The women of America want world peace. We should express our peace sentiments in our clothes. If we believe in peace why wear military jackets and soldier caps. Clothes influences our minds. I believe that if we wear the dove of peace and the beautiful American colors have a place in our scheme of dress we will soon create a strong sentiment for peace."

On her fiance Robert Moscowitz: "He's the most considerate man I ever knew. He's almost too good to be real"

She once told Walter Kingsley: "I know that the end of my life will come violently."

Her last words before dying: "To think that I've led such a quiet life and that I should have gotten into such a party."

Virginia Rappe